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ZAZ GPS powered by SG Connected Car is an industry alliance between Safe-Guard Products Intl., and a leading GPS technology company, ZAZ Automotive.
ZAZ GPS Mobile App for Auto Dealers

ZAZ Automotive has roots that go deep in the automotive industry. Formed by an owner of multiple automotive dealerships and one of the pioneers in GPS technology, ZAZ Automotive has spent years developing a system and process that allows dealers to adopt the technology in order to optimize it throughout their complete value chain.

The ZAZ Dealer Inventory Management system has been designed as an F&I solution, paired with theft insurance to help Auto Dealers protect their vehicle assets, manage inventory, reduce costs, improve service retention and provide a value added profit center at the point of sale. ZAZ is a comprehensive system that enables faster, smarter and more streamlined operational decisions.

Contact us now to arrange an in-store demo. We help you automate your inventory management system, lower your risk exposure, simplify audit processes and, most importantly, turn a cost into a new revenue stream!

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