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Features of ZAZ Profit Tool

Real-Time Dealer Profit Tool

ZAZ GPS powered by SG Connected Car can help reduce the time and money you spend on securing your lot, managing your inventory and creating customer loyalty. It also gives you the means to:

  • Monitor your vehicles at one or multiple locations instantly using any mobile device
  • Reduce the time and costs involved in floor plan audits
  • Gives you instant visibility into the vehicles out on test drives
  • Tracks where your loaner cars are located at any given time
  • Notifies you immediately if a vehicle is being removed off your lot unlawfully

ZAZ provides more value add services for your customers too:

ZAZ GPS - Profit Center - Dealers
  • Service alerts – helps to extend the life of their vehicle
  • Theft recovery – offer added protection for their new investment
  • Vehicle tracking – show where the car is even at the mall
  • Teen tracking – provides alerts if a certain rebel tries to ditch school
  • Senior tracking – allows you to keep track of your parents

Plus your customers value from benefits such as …

ZAZ GPS - Maintenance Alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Battery life indicators
  • And more ….

With ZAZ real-time GPS, you’ll have all the tracking power you need, along with innovative ways to package it for your customers.

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